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Ready to share some of your knowledge base with current and prospective clients? Good writing takes time to craft. Here are a few tips from Steven Wyer to get you started.

1) Writing quality content that captivates an audience doesn't happen automatically. It's a skill requiring time and discipline. To begin with, says Steven Wyer, it's crucial to find an environment that will facilitate creativity. You don't have to be an artist or a professional writer to tap into creativity. If you set up the right conditions – create the right kind of environment – success can be yours. What works for you may not work for the next person. You have to find your own space. It might be taking the dog for a walk, or time spent in the garden. Whatever it is, do it daily and be intentional about it.


2) Implement an organizational system to catalog and store ideas. As Steven Wyer comes across interesting magazine articles, websites, books or photos, he often sees something that triggers an inspiration for a future article or talk. Steven Wyer organizes them according to subject and then when he has time to sit down and write he has a collection of resources to inspire and guide him. 


3) Steven Wyer advises aspiring writers to find a niche topic or topics, and invest time into mastering that body of knowledge. Only then will you be able to write and speak effectively about your chosen profession. 


7) Learn the difference between writer's "block" and "rut". A writer's block happens when your creative tank runs completely dry. When this happens, change the patterns in your brain by doing something completely different. Steven Wyer suggests a walk in the park, singing, going to a yoga class, or meeting a friend for coffee. A rut, on the other hand, is more like a bad start. Get out of a rut by examining your idea, the method, etc. Question everything except your ability to climb out of the rut.


8) Don't be afraid to fail, encourages Steven Wyer, but do it in private. Don't hesitate to discard early versions if you get negative feedback from co-workers and friends. That will help you determine why the draft isn't working. Is it the core idea? Could it be your timing? Perhaps it's a lack of knowledge on your topic. Whatever the reason, Steven Wyer says that this will be your opportunity to refine the content before it goes public.


9) Be committed to a long term process. Sharing your expertise through writing and speaking may not come naturally and certainly won't be an overnight success. But with discipline and commitment, you will be able to build habits that will pay off personally and professionally. And that will be well worth the investment of your time and energy, concludes Steven Wyer.


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