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Every week, Steven Wyer talks with individuals from all walks of life who need help in defending their online reputation. They call on Steven Wyer because he has become proficient in the field of Internet reputation management.


As an expert in your particular field of business, you too have turned your knowledge base into a livelihood. By sharing what you know, you have built a client base as customers acknowledge your ability to bring solutions to the table. Steven Wyer points out that your specialized knowledge can be utilized further as a "secret" marketing weapon.


Steven Wyer is not suggesting that you give away all of your expertise for free. He explains that it's all about channeling specific content into the marketplace on a regular basis. This information should have enough intrinsic value that prospective clients will automatically think of you and your business when they have a need.


Is it possible that by giving away valuable information, more value will be placed on your services? Steven Wyer explains that it is critical that the information you share is of high quality and relevant to your target audience. If people come to think of you as being helpful in all situations without expecting payment for your business advice, they will realize how much more valuable the solutions that they actually pay for will be.


According to Steven Wyer, one of the best ways to share your expertise is by finding opportunities to connect with your target audience, either by writing an article or giving a speech. Steven Wyer suggests that there is a basic formula for successfully accomplishing this task. Here's how to get from a blank page to an article that will grab your audience's attention and then compel them to action. 


1) Begin by asking yourself, What basic problems drive your clients to call upon you? Why are they willing to contract for your services? Steven Wyer says that it's important to remember that it's not about you -- it's about your clients, about their pain, and their needs. 


2) Once you've targeted a need, choose a topic and answer the following questions. First, why is this problem important to address? Then, what will happen if it is ignored? What is your proposed solution to the problem and how would you implement the solution? Finally, Steven Wyer suggests that you come up with some examples to illustrate your point(s).


3) Steven Wyer says to write down your answers to these questions without being concerned about sentence structure or proper grammar. At this juncture, it's just important to get your ideas down in writing. Then you can go back and edit the content, add a catchy title and some subheads to break up the text. Once you've done that, Steven Wyer suggests that you ask a couple of co-workers or clients to give you feedback on what you have written.


4) Live with the article overnight or for a couple of days. You'll probably want to make a few more tweaks before you put it on your website or send it out to current clients. If formatted correctly, Steven Wyer adds, it can be used as a basis for speaking to your local Chamber of Commerce or other business gatherings.


Steven Wyer points out that even if you don't have much time for writing, the goal of one good article per month is realistic and doable. That will also be frequent enough to keep you fresh in the minds of your audience base. It won't be long before you have a substantial repertoire of content to draw from in your marketing arsenal.

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